Sonystyle - Sony Style Charges Customers for Their Mistakes

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I recently placed an order with a Sony Style from It was $3,900+. I ordered top of the line vaio laptop plus accessories.

They sent me the accessories and charged me for them while at the same time they canceled the computer order saying my card didn't work. I went online to reorder. That WHOLE LINE of vaio laptops no longer exists.

I called to return the accessories since I cannot buy the computer again. I was told that 1) I had to pay for the returns, 2) There was no option for me to talk to anyone beyond the rep on the phone, and 3) If I wanted to discuss this further I needed to go through the sonystyle site email contact for customer service.

I explained that I had been trying to do that and the website just says that page doesn't exist when I try to access it. I was told, essentially, too bad. I need to pay to return the items and there is no option to speak to anyone else.

I have bought more than a dozen computers from sonystyle for my business over the years and three top of the line laptops. They just lost a very loyal customer.

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Sonystyle - Sony Store - receipt but refuse refund

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Visiting my daughter in Ohio and bought a bloggie camera for a little under $200. Assured that if she had any issues, decided she didn't want it or whatever she could return it - no problem within 14 days. Fine.

Problem- no flash - how you can have a video camera with no flash? Anyway, she went back on day 13 with the receipt.

Unfortunately - what we weren't told was that there is a 15% restocking fee. Okay - so, shame on us for not READING THE SMALL print on the receipt. Most reputable, honest stores tell you when you ask things like can I return it. So, fine, we'll take the loss

What? NO REFUND without my physical credit card in spite of the fact that I HAVE THE RECEIPT IN HAND???? Refuse to take the number over the phone - can't enter it manually. Are you KIDDING ME? Sony - king of electronics can't process returns without the physical card? Now stuck with a store credit. Great.

I would be able to return it to a Best Buy, Target or anywhere else but the manufacturers own store. No wonder the stores are usually empty. They suck - buy your sony products elsewhere - if you have to buy them anywhere.

SONY AT EASTON MALL near Columbus Ohio. Rude, incompetent LIARS.

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Sonystyle - Sony ripped me off!

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I bought a Sony VGP-BRMP10 bluetooth remote to work with my Sony Vaio computer.I spent $100 on a device that will not work with my computer due to a 'known incompatibility' issue.

After trying to resolve the problem myself, I contacted the company only to be told there is no solution. Sorry. End of story.

Essentially, thank you for giving us $100 for no reason at all.There is no driver update, there is no offer to refund my money for what is a useless piece of plastic to me, there is no offer to provide me with a device that will work with my computer...but they are so very glad I shared my dissatisfaction with them so that they can better serve FUTURE customers.

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I bought it directly from Sony Style, and suggested exactly that.Two people have told me 'sorry' but have no interest in solving the problem by simply exchanging or giving my my *** money back.

If I send it back, they will not give me my money back.Hence the problem.


Why wouldn't you send it back or return it from where you bought it from? Jesus...

Sonystyle - Sony Vaio Poor Quality Product

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Six weeks ago I purchased a new Sony VGNNW270F laptop. One week ago, the laptop was sitting on the table and my husband moved it 6 inches. He admits to having had his thumb on the screen. Within an hour the screen went "Mondrian-like". We scoured the computer to find out what was wrong but could find no visible problem. We called Sony and sent it back, confident that they would stand behind their product. Unfortunately, that was not the case. According to Sony the screen was cracked internally and was not covered under warranty and would cost $500 to fix.

My husband is an IT professional and has handled hundreds if not thousands of laptops, he has never seen an LCD break this easily. He spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Sony explaining that it had to be defective or clearly too fragile for a laptop. They would not budge. That is their prerogative. I have since experimented with other laptops and have carried them around the house by the lid with my thumb on the screen, never mind just moving it 6 inches on a stable surface. I am finding it impossible to break them in that fashion and would likely have to drop it or bang it against a wall to break it. Clearly the Sony LCD is much too fragile for laptop use. One buys a laptop because it is portable and to be portable requires a certain level of durability - the Sony Vaio does not pass muster.

Their advertising tag line is make. believe - I now understand it because I now have to "make believe" I have a computer.

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Sonystyle - Sony hardware fails.

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It's ridiculous!

I'm never buying a sony computer in my life again!

I bought a dark red, sony vaio, CS110D computer last year December, and was using it happily when in march, the fan suddenly started making really loud irregular noises. Not the kind of noise that comes gradually with dust in the fan.

I dismissed it as being something normal and not harmful. June comes, and the fan noise turns into a very shrill, high pitched noise. It sounded like the fan was about to turn on it's head and destroy the inside of my computer.

I was traveling at the time so I couldn't send it in to sony repair center for repair, so I waited until September.

I sent my computer in on September 7th and expected it back 7-10 business days plus shipping, so in 2-3 weeks. After 1 week, I call in to check the progress of my computer, and I found that the computer hasn't even been booked yet. So I try to resolve that issue.

I ended up calling every day. Yes EVERYDAY to rush the people to work on my computer. The customer support people kept on telling me different things like "The mechanics are telling us that it is a physical damage so you have to pay $500," When all I do is place my computer on my desk and not move it. And so I spent over 50$ on my phone bill, calling long distance trying to get a hold of the repair center in Toronto to discuss this issue with the mechanic, when one day, I called back to the support center, just to have them say "I'm sorry, that was a mistake."

With various issues going on, people telling me different things, and my fan issue not being fixed, I got annoyed.

Apparently the fan was on "back order" and they had "no idea when it was going to arrive." This was week 6 of the whole ordeal. One and a half month have passed and I still haven't gotten my computer back. How can one live for one and a half month with out a computer especially when one is a student and needs the computer to do various projects including programming?

I got fed up, and told the customer support person that this was not acceptable. 7-10 business days, this has been over 1.5 months! I want a new computer. Since you can't fix my current one, you can replace it. After more phone calling, with the people saying "Oh, someone/manager will call you back tomorrow" (Of course no one calls back, What was I expecting) They finally decide to replace my computer.

I expected the computer to be in 3-4 days since the factory was very close to my home, but after 2 days, I call in, asking for more information, they told me the order to send out a computer hasn't even been placed yet. I got mad, and tried to rushed them again. I find that whenever you get mad, the people CUT YOU OFF to try to calm you down. When you get cut off, you just want to lash out more.

People kept on telling me things like "mam, we can't see the status of the order. We have different systems." but miraculously, 5 minutes later, when I hung up, and called again, the next person told me they could see the information. Lying much? What was it about "I can't see the information, we have different systems?" What a bunch of lying people!

So after another week, I FINALLY got my computer again, and happily I open it, just to find instead of a red computer, I got a black one. I was not pleased. I bought a sony computer solely because it was red. I decided to suck it up and leave it at that since I didn't want the hassle again.

Using my new computer, end of November, comes December, and surprise surprise, my NEW brand new Factory condition computer's fan broke again, with the exact same problem as my previous computer. I called back again early January (as December I was back in my hometown) and tried to resolve this issue again. Again with the support people who don't return calls, and the rude cutting me off during mid-speech. The only option they could give me was to "send the computer in and have it checked out." Needless to say, sony has lost all my trust. I will NEVER send it in again, who knows, it could be 2 months this time. I told them that, to find another option, such as sending me a fan, and I'll find someone to replace my fan, or send in a technician to check out my computer. But I felt like I was talking to a wall, the person could only repeat like a broken machine "I'm sorry, but the only thing we can do now is have you send it in to our repair center to have it diagnosed."

They talked to the manager and couldn't even have a spare fan part sent to me? I mean wouldn't it have been easier to just send me a fan, rather than spending all the money on having a technician work on it and shipping on sending it to and from the factory? Since they aren't willing to compromise, I decided to drop it and just wait for my fan to explode on me.

Needless to say, I'm HIGHLY unpleased and will never buy a vaio computer again in my life.

If you are looking into getting a VAIO computer, hope that you have don't buy a computer with such a high rate of breakage.

Get another brand. Don't ever get sony.

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Sonystyle - Terrible Service at Sony, Westchester Mall

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My Sony Vaio notebook model VGN-CS290 which I bought earlier this year started making a mechanical noise.The headphone jack also stopped functioning.

I took the device to the dealer I purchased it from (Sony at the Westchester Mall, White Plains, NY). 2 weeks later the notebook was said to be ready for pickup. The headphone jack was not repaired and the outer cover was severely scratched in multiple locations. I took the notebook home to copy a few files and returned it to the service who agreed that the problems were their fault.

A verbal complaint was made to the manager who had an attitude to see… It is now almost 5 weeks that I do not have my notebook and they still cannot tell me exactly when they can deliver.

I get a lot of excuses only.This was not my first Sony but I guarantee that it was my last.

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SonyStyle - Cancelled Order

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DO NOT BUY anything from Sony Style. They cancelled my TV order (after 8 days), and ruined my Christmas. I called customer service, was on hold for 45 minutes, and then the representative cut the call! Three different times! I still do not have a TV!

DO NOT BUY anything from Sony Style. They cancelled my TV order (after 8 days), and ruined my Christmas. I called customer service, was on hold for 45 minutes, and then the representative cut the call! Three different times! I still do not have a TV!

DO NOT BUY anything from Sony Style. They cancelled my TV order (after 8 days), and ruined my Christmas. I called customer service, was on hold for 45 minutes, and then the representative cut the call! Three different times! I still do not have a TV!

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